Scorpio alarm installation Question

Got a question for you people who installed your own Scorpio alarm with the optional plug in (Sukuki 1 harness)im diving in sat to put this thing in ,can anyone tell which side of the bike to look for the plug in is ? left side ? Right side,


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Left side, in the rear near the tail light. There is a plug that looks just like the one on the Scorpio harness.
+1, just pull the tail off and install will be quick and easy. If your doing the ignition cut off I found the easiest was to cut into the ignition wire off the fuse block. Just a stretch of some wire and some crimps and it looks like factory install. I used the fuse block because it was the easiest to use heat shrink on and it was the only one that looked like it could be repaired if it broke. 3 years no problems. Good luck man
Thanks Guys , just found out I got the wrong Harness from ebay , they posted the harness Suz-1 and I need the Suz-6 got one in the mail monday . I have a Suz-1 harness if anyone needs it , PM me

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