Saw a BKing in Jax N.C. tonight.


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All I have to say - is that I bet it will be in the next Transformer movie!


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saw one at the dealer with Goawol. I like the look of the bike minus the exhaust


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yeah its got that city warrior kinda look to it but the azz needs some serious help... those cans are ... ugly


MC Mustang: yeah, i was looking at one at the dealership today and me and the sales guy said pretty much the exact same thing. it looks as if some designers at suzuki got REALLY stoned, watched transformers, watched soem anime, and designed a bike.


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and how wide is that tank?!!!

I know the pipes suck but the tank is just as bad...4 people can play parcheesi on that thing it's so wide.

Bike looks great from the side but it's truely hideous from the front, top, or's not for me that's for sure.

(not to mention the idea of a 200 mph motorcycle with no windshield leaves me going


I love the B-King and I will own one. I will not sell my Busa to get one but I will get a B-King


The tank is not what you are looking at. The ram air intakes on the sides of the tank that give it the boss hog look.


Yea MC Mustang i saw the very same one your talking about in Jville....i was waiting for it to come to life!!! I wonder how hard it is to keep that front end didn't seem like there was much to the front....that gas tank though...

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Haven't seen one in person, but from the pics, it doesn't seem as bad in all black with the Yosh exhaust.
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