salvage busa


Hi guys,
just picked up 2002 salvage busa and have some questions,first the brake lights won't go out, I checked the switches and the harness and everything looks fine. Second when idling the temp goes up till it overheats,the fan does come on but only for like 5 seconds at a time, and finally I tried to check the forks for bendage(they look good)but when I measured the distance from the center groove on the tire to the inside of each fork there is a difference of 1/8" and the wheel is not bent. Thanks in advance
It's broke. I'll give you $100 for it.

1. Brake light: Un-plug both switches one at a time. the light should go out. The rear switch if not broke is easy to adjust. The front switch is easy to replace.

2. Is the fan spinning or just making noise?

3. The forks are probably fine.

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I've tried unplugging but that didn't work either. The fan is spinning and moving air, it just won't run longer than 5 sec.
the bike only has 3000 miles on it and the damage was only a slide on the left side.

someone put in the wrong taillight bulbs, screwed up everything.