unless sales from this years ABS model show a big improvement and taking sales from Kwak I can't see Suzuki putting that much money into the model.
Hyper bikes have too small a market share to warrant major investment and Suzuki aren't big on fitting electronics like Traction Control since they still believe that the riders should feel how much grip they have.
For me the only things I'd want changed is a new dash with more info to suit touring more...stuff like air temp and tank range would be enough a long with a way to dim the backlight as well as the highbeam warning light... all seriously too bright on dark country roads.
Also adjustable rearsets to a more varied type of rider...I fitted lowered pegs and the bike feels better allowing me to get leant over more as it makes moving about on the bike easier.
Also better master cylinders to make the best of the new calipers.

Do we need more power....not really...maybe a 7th gear