How can I change the RPM'S on a power commander V for a 0 Busa ,they have atutorial ,but is not really for the RPMs ,I have already posted on the busa problems,it has a Jerking to it after shifting to first or second gear, so once I start it ,the RPMs are too low ,that it sounds like it's going to shut off ,at times I have to turn the choke on about 85% to keep it running good.
Is an 04 ,and before I installed the header and PC (by the way is a III ),I had the original exhaust with shorty pipes and I did not have the problem,I contacted Power Commander and they kind of telling me to just take it to get it dyno tune ,hell I do not have a but load of money to just do whatever they say ,the only reazon I installed the PC is because everybody says it must with a full exhaust ,that actually got n E-bay for $200.00 used .
I also have another question ,can I just run the bike without hooking the Power Commander ,and still keep the headers ?