Cruising RPM's


I've been told that Hayabusa's are designed to cruise around between 7000 and 9000 rpm's. How do you guys usually ride? I find it hard to stay anywhere near the speed limit when I take the RPM's over 5000.

I have 2 choices on the freeway... 3rd gear at like 7000 rpm's or 6th gear at around 4000 rpms.

Let me know what you experienced Busa riders are doing with your broken in bikes.
I try to keep it at 70-75 but wind up going 90. I leave it in 6th gear and keep the revs down.
In the Twisties RPM's up to keep it in the power band! On the freeway RPM's down to save gas.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Cruisin' on the fwy, 4k in 6th. That's 80 mph though keep the eyes open for CHP.

As far as staying at the speed limit, I see you're from San Jose, and if drivers are like down here in SoCal, nobody does the speed limit and it's dangerous for me to do the speed limit with all the cars zipping in and out of traffic. I tried it, almost got hit from behind.
There is no point in reving the crap out of the bike going down the road when your not racing. The bike runs nice at 60 in 6th gear. When you have to move out, kick it down a few and crank on it then. I have always laughed at people that think they have to go down the road with a loud pipe keeping it in a low gear with the revs up so people will notice them. The Busa will grab their attention even parked and with all its tork there is no need to keep the revs up just going down the road.
Well since I'm not a Twisties type rider...I keep it at 4500 to 5000 in 6th...That is until someone pulls beside me and knods...
In the Twisties RPM's up to keep it in the power band!  On the freeway RPM's down to save gas.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Sounds like the best way to do it. Should I take the RPM's higher when I can just to break it in? Because I have noticed it smoothing out at over 6000 rpm's where when I first got it, that thing was shaking way too much!