Rode Cheaha Mountain Alabama today...


Call me Daddy...
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I rode Cheaha Mountain in Alabama on the busa today. Great day, awesome place... best ride yet! Woooohoooooo!!! :super:

Now fer the pics... :beerchug:

Here's my girl standin' tall at the first scenic overlook. Still kinda early so the mornin' haze hadn't went away yet.

Here she is at the second overlook. The sun is tryin' to burn more of the haze away. Slowly but surely it's gettin' better!  :cool:

Here she is backed into her "seat" at the Cheaha State Park restaurant where I had breakfast. I just love this shot of 'er! :super:

Another angle with a little more mountain haze in the background. This shot really shows off that black chrome Sportech windscreen. :cool:

Whoa! What the f---? Hehehe... :D This ugly bastage was sittin' on the fence around the pool. Anyone know wtf it is? :super:

And last, but not least, the photographer's busa mod... :laugh:

The Nikon 990 kept fallin' down and wedgin' in makin' it hard to get it out at my photo stops. I put the tool kit in the back of the trunk well and strapped the Nikon down with the tool kit strap. It was like the damned thing was designed to hold a Nikon 990 camera! :super:
Cool place to ride! Shoulda called me - I'da gone!!! Take a day to get there of course.... ;)

So HOW did you snap a pic of the camera with the camera strapped down?? See! I don't miss a beat! Me so smart!