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The Oracle

I posted a couple of my videos in the vids section.  The names don’t appear yet, but you can play them by copying the following links into the browser address.  Soon, they will be included in the list.  Any and all videos that I add will start with oracle_.

This is our original video from months ago.
<span style='color:blue'>vids.hayabusa.org/oracle_short_ride.mpg</span>

This video is of me, Chris, and bsrigley.  We are doing our best at pretending we know how to ride wheelies.  Actually, bsrigley does really well and does a couple standing or riding on his tank!
<span style='color:blue'>vids.hayabusa.org/oracle_wheelie.mpg</span>

This one is of our 2 day class with Kevin Schwantz.  I am dressed in black vanson leathers with a blue helmet.
<span style='color:blue'>vids.hayabusa.org/oracle_roadatlanta.mpg</span>

I hope you guys enjoy them!


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These are up and working now... You can check 'em out by clicking or just click the "Movies" link at the bottom of this page. All of my video titles start with "oracle_". Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

-The Oracle
I think they take waaaaaay to long to DL....
hehe... Sorry man, I tried to shrink them as much as possible.

Videos are a pain for peoples with slow connections... 'Cause you gotta sacrifice one way or the other. If I shrink them too much, I need to cut out good parts, shrink the picture size, and take away quality. What remains is a crappy tiny picture of very little stuff. Otherwise, you bite the bullet and spend hours downloading 'em hoping they are worth the time. And, God forbid you loose your connection for whatever reason!


And they ask me why I drink??