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<span style='color:red'><span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>SYNERGY RACE SYSTEMS</span></span>is having thier grand opening this Saturday.

There will be lots of free food plus <span style='color:blue'><span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>FREE</span> </span>dyno runs all day.

After the Grand Opening, we will be riding to <span style='color:red'>Hogfish Grille</span> from Synergy.

Come on out and join us for a good time.

<span style='color:red'>SYNERGY RACE SYSTEMS
375 Roberts Road
Oldsmar, FL 34677

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Damn, i live like a few blocks away literally. BUT i'm leaving Friday to go to Mass for holiday to visit family. I'd have gone if i was in town :/

And on top of it all, just dumped bike off at another local shop to have PCIII tuned, and brake/cluch lines put on. ( I was going to do those myself, and have heard horror stories about bleeding the busa calipers.

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so you officially SUCK!

You have free dyno runs, its goin to be mid 70s, you havent got shid else to do for a few weeks..... dooooooddddeee you SUCK!

any idea if they're going to have a sniffer available?

and what kind of limits are they imposing?

I'ld like to know if I get get better numbers using my PC3 as opposed to the factory mapping.???
FYI, just spoke with jenny over there....they will be using the analyzier on these runs.

dyno is a DJ250i
Just talked with a buddy that I listed his busa for sale some time ago here.
It's an 04LE about 5K on the clock...made 207HP on the "Dyno Shootout" over here in St. Pete last month.
13:1 comp / stock bore / yosh ST1 cams / head ported / sm box mod / PC3 / micron pipe.
He will be bringing it out tomorrow (weather permitting) to this event in case anyone would like to see it.
It is still for sale (he is really into his BMW RT and Harley). It has helibars and dogbones....but otherwise pretty much stock.
He wants a new BMW to travel LONG distance on.....the kind of thing that people who don't have to work CAN do.

The bike might also be down in Bradenton on case you are headed there.
Busa - for a stock bore even with those mods that seems about 15 rwhp high.

Bradenton may not happen Sunday - it is looking like rain...
good compression with some race gas .... cams .... polished and ported head .....and a pipe.....

the headwork and cams will net you 15~20 easy.
The pipe and being tuned another 8~12
The compression with gas another 3~5
BMC race filter with small box mod ...2~3
A good tuner will pull another 5 out of thin air!

I have seen this bike on three has never pulled under 194.

I got 13HP from a port/polish/1mm over valve job (cams degreed, but stock) on a 1990-1K motor. .... no other motor work, and I did the work myself.
Granted, I worked at a shop at the time...but it was my first try.

see ya there!
My bike will be the BL/SL stocker with tobin seats.

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I have a ride going to Sebring in the morning, after that I was supposed to go to Winter Haven in the afternoon and another grand Opening in the evening. Perhaps I'll skip Winter haven Bike night and head to Oldsmar! Gonna print the map just in case. Should log a couple hundred miles on her today.
Thanks everyone for showing up!

It went great!

Nearly 300 people registered for the Door Prizes.

We did nearly 90 Dyno Runs.

But sadly, a ZX12R had the highest N/A Dyno run at 167rwhp.
not a one of those turbo bikes got up there???
I was a little dismal about my 152 pull....till I learned that people with pipes and other mods were ranging 150~155HP

didn't really care for the guy running everbike right to the limiter tho...the jury is still out on if I would let them do my tuning.

BTW who was the lovely little lady on the 1K?

Dark hair, pretty face and built to race! I appreciated the tattoo down the small of her back that just kept goin...and goin....

she was with somebody I am sure.
I'll be in trouble when my wife reads this...but hell, sometimes ya just have to stop and appreciate nature! I need to buy my wife some of that same 'nature'.