Rev limiter cut in before redline?


Recently purchased 05 Busa with 2350 mi. Only mods are K&N air and TRE on when purchased. Bike idles great,revs through gears fine with normal riding, fast bike . There seems to be a problem however. When I try to run the engine WOT to redline through the gears it cuts out (not off)before 10,800 in 3rd gear- I think. Feels like fuel stops abruptly. I have not determined exactly what rpms it cuts at because I get flung forward quite hard when this happens and I am going pretty fast when it does. Maybe I'm wrong and it hits 10,800. Has anybody heard of this before? Coming off a 00 R1 I never experienced a rev limiter like this!
Clutch switch working correctly?
Does it only do it in third gear?
Neutral light work correctly?
Might want to try it without the TRE.

If yes to the first three and repeats without the TRE, measure the voltage on the pink with (in the harness where the tre connects) while in stock configuration and the bike turned on. You should see a progressive voltage change with each gear change.

There is a voltage chart in the service manual and the votages are posted here.
Clutch switch works,neutral light works,I'm not real sure about 4,5,6 gears I will try to get a good test in next couple of days with out tre also.Thanks for info.
Thanks Professor, I followed your advice and tre and gear switch checked good. Then checked kickstand switch, good.Then Cutout problem started happening in different gears and very frequently. Figured out my problem after narrowing it down to alarm(seemed to be the only thing left)?.Scorpio alarm system- wired into the ignition wire. Unhooked and problem went away. Not real sure if alarm is bad, the doubled sided tape failed and alarm was just bouncing around in tail. Seems a few people had problems with Scorpio also after I searched forum. Definitely will be removing ignition wire from alarm.
im actually having the exact problem on my turbo bike and have changed everything and its dog on it still no fix just saw this post and will be taking the alarm of tomorrow
My fi light did not light up. At first the problem would happen when I tried to wind bike up to the redline. Bike would be running as expected and ignition would abruptly cut off for less than a second and then back on between 9 and 10k. I actually saw the tach needle drop from about 6 to 2k once when it happened another time. The more I rode the worse the problem got. It would happen 5 or more times a 10mi ride at all different speeds and gears.My confidence riding the bike was getting low and my hands started to hurt since I started holding the bars real tight.I am happy to have found the problem with the help of the forum and other members posts.