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Thank you all. As for a ride is definately not a Busa! It is light, quick and fast, but it doesent have the low-end grunt I am used to. I rode it quite a bit in the national forest South of here, and the handling is superb. I am getting used to the different power band though and thinking I may just keep this. I definately got my $4,500.00 worth. It is just a totally different riding experience. I wore the nipples off the tires today.
I was almost going to say that this seemed alot like a post Outtahand would have put up :poke: thanks for coming through with the details :thumbsup: Nice bike!


did you change the locks? take any precautions at all?

since it was repo'd is it an R title now?
It stays in a locked garage, and I got a regular title from the State. In IL, the lending institution can sign the title over to a buyer if you defalult on the loan.

S-R Racing

Daanng! You scored big on this one:bowdown: I've paid that much for a wrecked Busa or 2, great deal on a great set of wheels. Have fun,what its lacking on the bottom,it makes up for on the top of the tach-but somehow I know you know this already:laugh::bowdown::bowdown:
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