Registering an Australian bike in the US


For those who don't know, I'm trying to get my 2001 Blue/silver 'Bus registered here in Hawaii, but I've had no luck what-so-ever. I bought it in Australia hen I was on a six month deployment, and now, I'm starting this thread as a play by play for all of those who care. I'm awaiting a "stat" sheet that will tell me exactly what I need to get it legal for the US. As soon as I get it from Suzuki of North America, I will post it on here. There's not that many noticable differences... just the speedo's in Kilos, and the pass switch that the American version doesn't have... but that's all that I can see. As soon as I get my stat sheet, I'll let you guys in... peace.


So I called Suzuki of North America, and they told me that differences like the headlight, and the instrument cluster has to be changed to read MPH... that makes sense, but he also said that the ECU was different from an American version, so I have to have that changed and my exhaust too... that sucks... They also sent a letter out to me that says all of the differences and what has to be changed. As soon as I get that, then I can find out what and how much it's going to cost me. Until next time, have fun, keep riding and ride safe...



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That's a crock of crap. We don't even have emissions testing for bikes in the states. It seems you'd almost have better luck just riding it anyway and if you get caught, make a case out of it, hire a lawyer and have the bike registered then. Then again, I don't know squat about these 'laws'. Got to love the logic behind bureaucrapcy.


WoW! I'd love to know what you find out UW8ANC as I'm about to leave for Oz this week and will be in the market for a Busa while out there. Was thinking about bringing the bike back with me. Expecially if I'm going to be paying $18,500 AUS for one!



that's weird, why would Suzuki of North America give a rat's ass whether it's switched over to MPH ??


What's your story?
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Suzuki of America cares because they charge $1000 for a letter of compliance from them to get it into the US, which is crap. You don't need it and what they told you is crap!
Your BUSA should have a white sticker on the frame that states it meets all US emissions standards. If that sticker is intact the only thing you need, is to change the speedo out to MPH.
Good luck!
There was another thread I posted in detail importing rules, if you do a search you should be able to find it.


What's your story?
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If you talk to Suzuki USA they do. I imported my bike from Canada and got their load full of crap on this one too. Suzuki does this to prevent Americans from going north for a better deal (exchange). They just havn't figured out yet, or at least are not telling people who ask, that this is not true anymore for importing. The big key is the white EPA frame sticker.

ken w

Check out this site aussie busa club.Im sure these guys will help you if they can.


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Um if I remember right, customs has his Busa in their possession...He doesn't have the option of just ignoring the regs at this point. He has been fighting hard through a ton of BS for a long time now I think. I feel for him... but if it's the situation I am thinking about it's been a long hard fight that apparantly isn't over yet.

Sorry Bro...


I bought a Canadianspec in Japan and it came through customs and california registering noprob.
Go to the National Highway Safety and Transportation website for importing info. Also it will tell you what vehicles can be brought in. Being in the military your are exempt from alot of things. I changed my speedo from KPH to MPH but when I did the initial registration here in cali, they didn't even look. The statement of origin is just for titling. The statement of compliance may effect you. Just go go to the DMV and go for it. I rode mine to the DMV with Japanese Kanji plates. No big deal. Hope I helped. Bring a copy of your orders or a statement of deployment.


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That's a crock of crap. We don't even have emissions testing for bikes in the states. It seems you'd almost have better luck just riding it anyway and if you get caught, make a case out of it, hire a lawyer and have the bike registered then. Then again, I don't know squat about these 'laws'. Got to love the logic behind bureaucrapcy.
Have to disagree Nark,
Here in good ol Ari-zon-I-A that is the ONLY registration requirement we have. Emissions testing. Bikes, cages, trucks etc...

BTW it sux!

There is no mechanical inspection at all. (like back in NY) They say it is your responsibility to make sure it is safe and the Popos will make sure you have all the necessary DOT stuff. Lights, reflectors, fenders etc...


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This type of CRAP ticks me off because every state is different! I wish they would ALL get on the same damn page!

In the end, all I ended up having to do was send in a form stating that the vehicle meets all US DOT safety requirments etc. and everything has gone smooth.

The only other thing they gave me crap about was the title/slip. I don't remember on my other bikes(US) but the title from Canada was just a little carbon copy paper with the Vin # and a few other things on it. Doesn't look like a title and the DMV kept asking for a Title/MCO not knowing that was it.

These are the only problems I had buying my 03 SE from Canada then title/reg. it in Oregon. It has taken almost four months though by the time I have sent my paperwork out to Oregon and waited for verification/clarification on what I needed.

Other than the speedo, you really shouldn't have to change anything on the bike. I am not for sure on the headlight but I don't think it is any different. I bet it is the same, just one says DOT on the lens and one doesn't!

Oh and make sure you are talking to the right person(high up) because I was told something different every time I called the DMV. Once I got the BOSS, everything has been cake.

Good luck!



My title was written in japanese and the lady at the desk had ME translate the items she needed. What a bakayado.
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