Red light cameras and automatic braking to enforce speed limits


I just wanted to share a couple of things I saw on TV the other day. One town in NJ removes red light cameras from one or two intersections after the accidents increased by 50% because drivers were afraid to go through the yellow light and were braking abruptly. At least one town mayor has common sense!

In another unrelated piece of news - actually, it was just the headline, some boneheads in Europe are floating the legislation proposing to equip all cars with an automatic system which would apply brakes if a car exceeds posted speed limits. Cars will be receiving speed limit info automatically as they drive through the respective sections of the roadways. I wonder what provisions do they have for bikes? Military technology (radars, lasers) and other technology are used to enforce speed limits. However, no technology is used to automatically adjust speed limits depending on actual conditions such as lighting, weather, and traffic. We all know why.
Can you imagine hitting a curve doing 10 over and getting "braked"?

How about hitting a passing lane and getting "braked" automatically then seeing oncoming traffic?
Our red light cameras didn't last long around here for the same reason. We now have flashing yellow left turn signals where you can turn left at will while it's flashing yellow. It sure separates the locals from the tourists. It also makes me cautious on green going the other way when I know oncoming traffic is looking at a flashing yellow. Sometimes, I think technology has a way of getting out of hand. Auto braking? I bet that gets real interesting when it goes fubar.
I share everyone's sentiment. I doubt it will pass, but this is an indication of how twisted the minds of some of the politicians are.
Unreal. Protecting people from themselves of freedom. Seems to be a common idea everywhere these days.
Recently took a trip to the State of Florida. My Father-In-Law came close to rear ending me because I made a special effort to stop for a light one night. In the final analysis, as a driver I'm responsible for stopping at red lights and he's responsible for allowing enough travel distance to avoid contact. I stopped for the light and he didn't hit me. If not for the cameras I would have gone through the light barely legal. I have no idea what he would have done.