Recommend an alarm...

I'm looking for an alarm which I could arm/disarm with my phone. I have an android so the Scorpio doesn't fit the bill (no android support), but I may consider it anyway as it has a lot of features and functions. Not particularly important, but a plus would be plug and play connectors being available. What verdict says the unwashed, 'busa sporting masses? :laugh:


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some of the wires you tap into such as ign or fuel pump...the plug deal kind of works for the lights...but you can cut / solder / shrink wrap better than what the alarm kit sells / provides. You can put a toggle switch anywhere you want to bypass the fuel pump or ign for few dollars.


I got a Spy 2way remote alarm system. Nice little 2 way remote that lets you know if somebody has bumped or atttemted to sit on your bike. It has several levels of sensitivity and a motion sensor that will chirp and tell people to back off it they are hovering around it for too long. The fuel pump is good idea but it wont deter anyone from throwing it in the back of a pickup truck and speeding off. @ least with an audible alarm they might get spooked and take off or maybe a neighbor looks out a window or wakes you up and your able to stop them or get a look at the make/model of the vehicle and maybe a plate...........


Yeah its pretty cool feature. It won't sound a full alarm if somebody is hovering too long but it will chirp to let them know to keep it moving and it notifies ur remote as well. I used to live in an apartment complex and even though I kept my busa in a garage there was times I had it parked in my space while I was doing something inside and it let me know when a bad azz kid or nosey neighbor was getting too close.


GPS tracking is a nice feature but its Reactive not Proactive against theft. Its the same as the fuel pump switch. They are both great ideas but neither will stop somebody(s) from throwing it in the back of a pickup truck or van. That is the #1 method of jacking bikes. In and out in less than a minute........ You can track your bike down with the gps after the fact but how much damage will be done or how many pieces will your busa be in b4 you are able to recover it? Now an audible alarm isn't a guarantee, if somebody wants it bad enuff they will get it regardless but I think an alarm blaring at 3am or in a parking lot of a crowded mall is enuff of a deterent to @ least make them hesitate or question if this bike is worth the trouble :whistle:

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