Rail Sliders

Pretty sure this is the same company that use to sell the old “Race Railzâ€￾ a few years ago but seems to be located in Florida now instead of P.A …not positive on that so don’t quote me.

I didn’t see the gen 2 on the website so I emailed them and got a response stating that they DO make the “Speed Railsâ€￾ for the gen 2.

I put a set on my old 1000 about 4 years ago and loved them. A guy was backing up and “bumpedâ€￾ into my 1000 and tipped it over and the bike landed on the mushroom puck and bar end, the bike barely got a scratch on it.

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i have a set of race railz on my gen 1. i have no tried them, but they are simple, clean and look like they would do the job well


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I'd love a set of these. I need to see the actual product on their website mounted to a busa before I'd even dream of ordering them though...
Indeed, no mention on their site for the Gen 1. I saw these on the OHP bike and inquired, but have not been able to find them. If they are out there somewhere, sign me up.

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