Race24x busa pics

hehe Cap yah we cin affrd sum whin I am dun puttin a ATRE and PCII on the Busa LOL . They where playing outside in the pool . Congrats TJ cute Baby I remember when mine was that little 8 months old was first ride on my GSXR 750 hehe around my parents house Congrats again TJ



Dis in my way!
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So man I take it that your baby is premature, as sweet as they come from the looks, everything OK, anything that we can do for ya?
Thanks, she's doing great. Alittle over 3 months early,but doing better than any other premature baby they've seen. I'll post more pics in a month or two when she's not plugged in to everything.


Shes a beautiful little girl TJ when she gets alittle better you can put her on the tank of the Busa and have a great background for your computer I have alot of pics of my little girl when she was a baby I put together my 750 in the garage with her in her playpen right beside me and polished the swingarm etc in the living room at night while I watched her When I stored my 1100 at the end of my bed in my bedroom she was about 3 or 4 she would climb up on and pretend to be driving . I hope she is feeling better soon.
Second Look seat skins they have a website I got mine from Local dist they gave me better deal 79.00 plus 50.00 for pofessional install . Mototek???? not sure about spelling Undertray and tire hugger and clear tail light lens they also have a web page if you need any of these let me know I can get them for you I am still not sure about the clear lens its OK not what I expected I bought the two brothers exhaust from my same local dist they are friends of mine and let em work on my bike and help me with there Dyno and stuff they are Starting Line in waterville Maine it was 699.00 I think K&N air filter 42.00 I am trying to get a techlusion computer and a PCII to compare on Dyno I will post the results thats about it the tank bra was on there I am getting a second look for 79.00 its on order
Great pics. Nice looking truck to, I have a '89 jeep wrangle with 4" suspension lift and 3" body lift. Love the 4x4's, we go camping a good bit and its fun to get back on the national wildlife land where most people cant go.
Wow great pics...what a beautiful little baby girl you have there. Keep us updated on her will ya...she is so precious. You have 2 beautiful daughters too.

Oh and the bike is kinda nice lol.

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