R.I.P. Shoya Tomizawa

Just read about it on a local forum. R.I.P. Shoya Tomizawa. Condolences to the family and friends.:please:
Saw it...man...made me cringe when they kept showing the replay.

Rest in Peace

- 2010 Moto2 Misano - Shoya Tomizawa Fatal Crash[/url]
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While being a very tragic situation, it was his choice to be doing what he was doing. I hope to die the same way, doing something I love.

RIP young man, race on forever.
I recorded the race on my DVR.

Heard about it when I watched the GP race then saw it on the next recording. Was not having a good day that day and that only made it worse.
That was ruff, he's barely a year older than my little brother, and I always rooted for him. Tomizawa-san will be missed.