Quick swing arm question


These bearings are supposed to sit flush right? I’m like 99% sure.
it does have the tube already in between the bearings.
this is how it was delivered.
Ones on the old swing arm are flush but this isn’t a oem arm so I figured I’d ask. It’s a Thompson street series arm if that makes a difference.


Wait... yes they are supposed to sit flush or yes it’s good to go? Lol
yes and yes. They are sticking out about 1 to 2 MM in yer photo(almost flush). Perfect.If you have seated them all the way,that's it,thats all you can do. Then the swing arm will not rub on the frame. If the bearings are too wide ,they just wont fit in the frame.Yer install looks fine.
yes rubb

or explained the other way around:

If these spacers do not protrude at least 0.5-1.0 mm, the swing arm is trapped (is squeezed) by the axis in the frame and can no longer move / turn.
the same applies to the rear cushion lever, rockers (#13), etc.

all these spacers (#5. #9. #12, #14) give the entire rear a kind of "free spinning gap".