Quick ride

Just wandering what are some of yous favorite routes to take when your just going for a quick spin to blow the cob webs off?

For me I head down telegraph to I-96 (4 Miles) I-96 west to I-275 (8 Mi smooth rd) I-275 north to M-5 ( 6Mi) M-5 back to telegraph (about 10 Mi)

For me this is a nice lil trip when I really cant put her thru the paces.


busaless but lovin the weather
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94west th 275north th 696east to 39south then home quick and fast
long ride is to the bluewater bridge through canada than back


Rockin My Reflectors
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Most Sunday mornings (6 am) From Staten island to seaside heights NJ for coffee and back 110 miles rt.As northeast roads go its smooth with light traffic and LE at that time at least .hope its over 45 tomorrow morn !


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215 to the I-15 north....take I-15 North for about 10 miles to apex road at the 93. Take apex road south back to town (the first part of apex road is a nice 1.5 miles straight to open her up for a bit!).

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