Question on replacing high beam bulb...

I'm doing the HID conversion to the low beam. I wanted to change the high beam as well.

I am wondering if the high beam wiring can take an 80w bulb without issues or will I have to also get a better wiring harness?


More watts = higher temp
I would be afraid your headlight would start to melt. With HID in the low beam, you won't use the high-beam.

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when you say 80watt are you taking about the ballast? most kits 'll run a 35watt ballast on whatever color temp you choose you shouldnt run any higher than that even 55watts is too much and you run the risk of melting the housing. I run a 35 watt hid high beam and it works just fine

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stick with a 35 watt ballast and lamp set trust me it is way more than enough I have that on my high beam and I see about 3/4 mile ahead no problem. If you want more intense (blinding) light run a 5k bulb instead of a 6k or 8k that'll more than compensate for the wattage increase your looking for.
Stick with stock wattage maybe just do a bulb upgrade like an ultravision, piaa, etc. Unless your doing alot of high speed night driving it would be kinda pointless and at that point might as well put hid in the high beam.
I guess I didn't specify... I'm retrofitting the headlight housing with a Acura TSX projector using a D2S 55w 5000K kit for the low beam. Starting that tonight :please:

For the high beam I am leaving the stock halogen projector in place and I wanted to use a Nokya 2500K halogen bulb. But the Nokya only comes in 80w for the 9005 style bulb.
I might begin taking the headlight assembly apart in the morning, or tonight depends on how I feel in the next hour.

Front photo of the TSX projector. The bulb is a OEM Philips brand at 4100K. I have these bulbs just in case the 55w aftermarket bulb runs too hot for the project. A boosted 35w OEM will run cooler than a 55w aftermarket bulb. I'm waiting on the 55w kit to be delivered this week.

The TSX housing is all metal with the exception of the lense. I will be taking photos through out the process and posting the results.


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Take lots of pictures for us along the way... I"m sure there will be others in the future who will want to see how you did it.

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