Question for you guys...


Ok guys...I need your input on this:
I'm planning on getting a bike, love busas...but I'm only 5'2" and 120 lbs; do you guys think it will be too heavy to handle for me or can it be lowered to a height that's comfortable for my height?
First off, let me say welcome to the board. It's always nice to see new members interested in our lil community.

Maybe if you give us some info about yourself, like male or female, and how long have you been riding. To me, the weight of the Busa means nothing unless I plan on bench pressing it. We have several people here who have lowered their Busa, and it suits them well. Have you sat on a Busa at the stock height? How far is your feet dangling?? above the ground? I say if you could lower it to where you can support it at a stop, go far it. As far as it being heavy, that might be a lil concern if you're drag racing or like I mentioned earlier, bench pressing. Hope this helps, and once again, welcome to our home.

What MuggaX said

go sit on one at a dealer and get an idea of how comfortable you are on one. The only time you'll feel the weight is at a stoplight or moving around the garage. The busa rides very light.

That being said, since you didn't elaborate, I'm hoping you have riding experience etc. etc.
Current regulations according to Filing 1011, Sec. 23, place the minimum rider height at 5'4". Better luck next time.
Thanks for the input so far...well, it will be my first bike and I have no experience riding them either. I'm a that might be a big concern. I was told to get a 750 or 1000. I'm planning on going to a dealer next week and sitting on them to see how comfortable they are. Any other info you might need?
OK. First bike+Busa=not a great idea. It's a lot of weight for you to throw around when getting used to it. At your height you will have trouble touching down on almost any bike. When I worked for the dealer the best bike for girls your size was the Ducati Monster. The 600cc version is $6000 and they can lower it enough for you without altering the handling characteristics. Most woman go for an old 454. It has the lowest seat height of any bike. I think it is by Honda. They don't make them anymore. Used will probably be about $1000. Also working at the dealer I saw a lot of first year's drop their bike. Hell, I dropped my bike three times the first year and I had already been riding dirt for years. Spend as little as possible on your first bike and trash it. Then when you have some time under your belt get a the bike you dream of. It is such a better way to go about it.
If this is your first bike, then the Hayabusa is probably the worst choice you could make.  If you didn't know already, it's the most powerful and fastest production bike made.  That being said, if you were an experienced rider, then the weight probably wouldn't bother you, but since you are new to motorcycling, I would recommend go cheap and light.  A list of bikes that would be good:  Suzuki SV650,  Suzuki Bandit 600, Suzuki Katana 600,  Kawasaki EX500, Ducati Monster 600, Honda 600F4, etc.  Good luck.  Also, going used is a good idea for your first bike as well,  can get them cheaper and not as much worries if you drop them.  
Good Luck!
Smiley:  I completely agree with Discreet.  Right now in life you need something much more important than the fastest production motorcycle in the world.  You need "EXPERIENCE"!!  I think everyone should have a Busa but not at the expense of your sweet little 5' 2" 120 Lbs butt.  Welcome aboard the .org!!! Bob
The day I bought the Busa, the dealer turned to me and said, "This bike is for experienced riders! Have you been riding for a while?" I was like yeah I know, I have seen a lot of guys go down in the corners because the Busa spits them off when the tire breaks traction because the right wrist didn't understand the amount of torque the Busa actually has.

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Dis:  Yes and thanks for the tip!!!!!  Don't forget to vote the windscreen poll.  I put a reply on the thread to bring it back to the top.  Bob
Ok...if you are for real and not someone registering to pull our chain.

if this is your first bike

DO NOT GET A BUSA, A 750 OR A 1000

All of the above are absurd choices for a first bike. Its a tossup between the busa/1000 which is worse but even the 750 is too much in my opinion.

Sorry, but at your experience level I'd lower my sights for the first year or so. Just the way it is.
Thank y'all for the advise and honesty. That's what I thought in the first place and I'll be checking out the options given by busaben. If anybody else wants to give me other options, feel free to do so. At least I want it to look like a sports bike. Wish me luck!
Thanks for the input so far...well, it will be my first bike and I have no experience riding them either.  I'm a that might be a big concern.  I was told to get a 750 or 1000.  I'm planning on going to a dealer next week and sitting on them to see how comfortable they are.  Any other info you might need?
At first I was going to say don't worry about the weight as long as you can get the balls of your feet to touch. But after hearing that it is your first bike, I would say don't do it. It will take you a while to get good at stopping and putting your feet down. Sometimes youWILL let it lean too far, and if you can't handle the weight...down she goes.

I would let all the other guys tell you about the power of the Busa. But my official answer is go for something like a 750.

Get a corbin seat for whatever you buy. It will lower your seat height so you can flat foot it.

Thanks for responding to my Yahoo message.
First of all Welcome to the board. If you have never ridden a bike before then no the Busa is a bad choice. I highly recommend that you take a motorcycle safety course and start off on something a little smaller. Only you can make the decision to buy the Busa or not. No matter what bike you chose just take it easy and take your time getting use to it.
What ever you decide to go with, injoy it.