Power commander iii manual. Please


Hello, i got my bike few weeks back and have a PC3 with the serial port and not the usb. Well i got a serial port to usb cable and want to do a little digging around in it to see what i can do or whats on it. But i have no manual for the PC and cant find one. Would the PC3 USB manual work just the same? I just got off the phone with Dynojet and i forgot to ask them where i could get one , but they did tell me they do not support it anymore and if i wanted a map i would have to call and they would send me a map from their archives. This winter when its to cold to ride i plan on upgrading to the PCV with LCD dsiplay and wideband. But for now i want to be able to mess with this 3. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thats the PCBIII USB manual. My PC has the serial port on it not the usb so didnt know if it would be the same.