Power Commander & Exhaust Mods


I’m new to the board and I’ve just recently purchased a 2007 Hayabusa.  While I’ve been riding about 17 years, this is my first Hayabusa.  I have installed a K&N air filter and a Yoshimura 4 into 1 exhaust system, but have not yet installed a power commander.  I would greatly appreciate some feedback in a couple of areas.

A. Do I need to worry about a lean air/fuel ratio causing damage to the bike with this set-up?
B. When I do purchase a power commander which model would you recommend?
No to the damage.

pc3 usb for the commander...
I agree with ruthless.

I'm running a yoush and the map I have been running is mainly adding fuel from 2500 to 3000 rpm range. Just about everywhere else it is leaning it out.
Thanks for the quick replies, I’m going to add the PC in the next few weeks, but I did not want to cause any damage due to my ignorance.
PC3 USB like the other said, but I found when I uploaded the map that the Power Commander site has for their 4 into 1 system, my bike was running really rich. I only had to ride it to the shop like that, but when i was at a light and reved it up I could smell raw fuel. My dyno sheets also showed I was running rich. Get your bike to a shop and get a custom map...you won't regret it. I gained 8hp and 6ft/lb after my tune and I am running a perfect air/fuel across the board.
also agree with the PCIIIusb.  Download the map and see if you like it.  you can always go back and have it dyno'd. also throw in the small air box mod. you won't regret it
Once again thanks for all the great input. I went riding tonight with the brother of one of the guys I ride with regularly. Afterward we were sitting around talking and he mentioned that he has a dyno in his shop and volunteered to do the map when I get the PC. So it looks like I’ll be ordering the PCIII USB this week and doing the small air box mod when I install the PC. His shop is about two hours away so I should have everything complete in about three weeks.