Power Commander 5 engine temp and speed cables?


Hello, i recently installed the Power commander 5 and autotune on my 2011 busa.
I have it installed and i've been messing with it, however I am having issues finding where the speed wire/sensor is on the 2011 busa. Also, i need help finding the engine temp wire? Has anyone installed a PCV on their busa and can tell me or post pics of how they connected the wires?
Speed sensor: componant is just above where the shifter attaches to the motor. I believe the wire you are after is the all black one. Find the connector,the wire will be pink on one side,all black on the other.

Engine temp wire: (ECT sensor) Lift the tank. The componant you are looking for sorta looks like a spark plug,sorta. It is threaded into the motor and has a two wire clip on top.

That should fix you up.