Electrical issue


I have a Gen 2 engine I am installing in a car. I am getting no fuel pump prime, A flashing red light on the instrument cluster and FI in the center readout. The ignition switch is not original, but it is new. Does this 2012 set up use a coded key? I purchased an interface module and the ecu had 2 codes. C 42 and an intake air temp code. I set the airbox on the motor and plugged in the sensor. I double checked my wiring harness and verified the ecm was getting power. I cleared the codes, turned the key on, the codes were gone, but no change. Additionally, I do not have a speed sensor connected, so does the ecm need to see a speed sensor signal? The service manual is a little conflicting in this area from what I can tell. The main wiring diagram shows a speed sensor wire going to the ecm, yet the wiring diagram on page 1A-4 of the manual shows 3 speed sensor wires going the instrument cluster only. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
If you are in the U.S. there are no chipped keys for the gen2, so you can eliminate that as an issue.
Make sure you have a U.S. ecu or that the ecu is flashed to U.S.
If not, the ecu will be flashed to EU, or AU and be looking for a chipped key that is not there.
The gages also must be from a U.S model.
If you're not in the U.S.
then you do need the chipped key, or U.S gages and a U.S. stock or flashed ecu.
Yes, the car is for racing. It's a single seat chain drive car that I use for Auto X. Very similar to a DSR. I am in the US and as far as I can tell all components are from the US. I have the ecu flash module but wanted to get as much info as I could before going forward with that. So you need the gauge cluster for the engine to run?
I just checked with the place I bought the engine and gauges from and they told me it is all US based stuff
The replacement ignition switches on ebay etc(i just bought a pair of them for my test setups) dont come with a resistor in them. The fuel pump won't prime without a 100-120 ohm resistor being installed in the connector (center 2 pins)