2011 K8 E03 electrical issues


Hi all,

I am putting a Busa in a car and am having electrical issues. So I have joined the org to access your collective knowledge and hopefully find a solution.
As the post title says, it is a 2011 K8 E03.
The wiring has been modified by Mike Downs (car builder) and then extended by me. Somewhere along the way we have introduced some issues.

I am getting C23 and C42 codes. TOS and ignition.

I have addressed the ignition by adding a 100 ohm resistor between the G/B and O wires.
Is this correct? It no longer has the C42 code but just want to be sure.
Now the code is gone, the fuel pump relay continuously clicks on and off.

The C23 is very strange because I the sensor is glued in the correct position and it is turn off in the ECU (ecu editor) but still shows the C23 code.
I have checked the sensor voltage and it is working correctly. The wires have continuity to the ECU.
Anyone had this issue?
The ECU seems to be writing correctly as I have pulled the data back out of it to check and my changes are in there.

The kickstand and kill switch have been hard wired.
Clutch switch is removed, but I am trying to start is neutral so should not be an issue. Is this correct?

Any help would be much appreciated.

New Zealand