Please help. Trying to find out the brand of swingarm to order a new jackshift for it????


Just saw that you're in Tennessee. Most likely from the people I just posted. They're out of Tennessee as well.


Please help. Need to find brand of swingarm so I can order a new jackshift

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Looks like it's a nice bike be sure to hit the new owners area and introduce yourself and post some pics to show that bird... I agree with @Dustin02 it looks like the swingarms I've seen listed fir sale from all things chrome but that'd be just a guess as im not much into the wide tire bikes but some do look really good when done right.
and again the not knowing german
who can´t translate the word "jackshift".

please translate or explain, so i can learn a bit more.

or should it be a jacksh a ft, wich leads through the rear rim ?
Hi. The bike has a wide tire like a 300 30 17 or a 360 30 17 so they run a short chain to a 2nd sprocket in line and right behind the output SHAFT sprocket then a SHAFT connects am other sprocket with a chain to the rear sprocket to clear the wide wheel.


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Proofreading one’s post (before) posting can alleviate some of the miscommunication. It’s a jackshaft, not a jackshift.

Berlin Germany

thank you for correcting the term "jackshift" to "jackshaft" itself

@michael parris heuberger
thanks for the explanation - exactly such a very wide swing arm I already had on my lift. (july 2013)
see my post here

a small example of how much Google Translate ("GT") translates absolutely nonsense - especially when it comes to technical terms.

"GT" translates "jack shaft" as a tool for cars to lift them for a tire change (jack) and then attaches the translation for shaft there to a single, combined one word that then makes absolutely no sense. (a shaft inside a jack or so)

So you have to be extremely careful when using "GT" - especially in terms of technology.
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