I recently had a little slip up on my bike and I was wondering if any of you know where the best (ie cheapest) place is to by the faring that houses the headlight and turn signals? And what would you expect it to cost? (the local dealership quoted me $579.)
Call Noel @ MR Motorcycles. Tell her you are on the Website and Joe Greene Sent you. She will give you a much Better Price. 1-800-359-0567. wants $320-$390 depending on year.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Wow! They've gone down last time I checked. That's the best I've seen yet.

Check Sunrise as well, $380-400 +10 shipping, last time I checked. 1.800.992.0127 (all other OEM parts available, too, 20% over cost, ask for Internet discount, though).
I got ahold of noel she gave me a good quote, but I think I found someone selling off a used one so im going to try that first. Sunrise did good too. Thanks for all the help I thought I was really screwed.