Pilot Road III


I have a 2k BUSA Blu/SIL the fastest color, anyway I have Pilot Road III's on my FJR and have 7500 miles on them ,the most I've ever gotten on a tire. My question does anyone run them on their BUSA?
I currently have Pilot Power 2CT on my BUSA.
I just bought a PR3 for $177.00 and I've been told by someone who is probably a little more aggressive than me that he gets 10K on that tire and has never had an issue with grip. He's on his third rear. I'll be running it at the Bash. Sry no first hand experience yet.
I'm a big fan of the the PR2 rear, but no experience with the 3. I've been running a Power 2ct front and road 2 rear with no regrets for 2 seasons now
On my 3rd set now, love them. Run the road 2s before that, no problems. The Pilot Powers only last around 4500 miles, I get between 7000 and 9000 out of the RD3s.