New Pilot Road


I just put a new Pilot Road on the back.  I'm running a pilot sport on the front.  The pilot road is a hybrid Macadam and Pilot Sport.  It's REALLY skinny though.  My buddy has pilot race on his R1 and it's a 180, the pilot road 190 is only about a quarter of an inch bigger.  It sticks pretty well though.  I haven't ran it in the curves yet but I had it on for about five minutes and snatched the Busa up and it stuck great.

If you're thinking like I was thinking you're saying well I'll get a 200.  They don't make a 200 in the pilot road.  Kinda sucks but I got like 5000 miles out of a macadam so I'll deal with the skinny tire.  Better in the transition anyways.