New Pilot Road

I use the Pilot Sports. They give me good traction and good mileage!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I have not tried the Pilots. I do not think I will stop usiing these Shinko's. Plus i still have a new set of BT 12 setting in my garage.
Ninja that 12 is a great tire! I am sure you will be happy with it.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I don't know what the hell happened to the rest of that post but it's gone...what I was saying is that I have the new Pilot Road on the back and the pilot sport on the front. We went and ran today and it is a great took a few turns for it to warm up, but when it warmed up it stuck really it rubbed all the way out in about seven miles of curves.
I got about 4,000 out of the BT56j and they did well. I got about 5,000 out of the pilot sports and ran them harder overall then the bridgestones. I also took them to the track and ran them all out for a day. Tire was great. Give them a chance to warm up and you won't be disappointed. Another tire I sell to a lot of busa owners is the Metzler Sportec M-1. Same review. Sticky and mileage. Keep in mind that I am a canyon carver so alot of the miles on the tire is on its side.

Bridgestone makes a dual compound tire for those that commute and do the twistie stuff.

Hope not to long winded an answer...

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I need to replace my rear and front tires. Had the stock ones twice, what do you suggust Howlin mad?

Ice what type of riding are you doing? That will narrow it down quite a bit!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
mr. Mad,

what is your short version of the stock battleax tires review?
Great tire for breaking in the bike. I wouldn't recommend it for more aggressive riding but for touring and mileage I don't think it is a bad tire.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I got about 4400 miles on the stock BT56 rear, but after 2200 miles, I've already squared off the Sport-tec M1. It's pretty sticky, but since I'm 100 miles from the closest twisties, most of my miles are on the flatlands and I tend to get a lot more straight miles unfortunately. I guess I'll probably try the Bridgestone BT010's next since I hear the mileage is reasonable and they are reasonably sticky in the curves as well.
I've tried the Pilot Sports: great tire, real sticky, not good for long distances though, Dunlop D207's: these suck.....period, Sportec M1's: same as Pilot's....whichever you can get cheaper. Lastly the Battleax. I personally didn't like em.....they took too long to heat up and didn't last for crap. The only reason I don't continue to run pilots is because we ride about 100 miles of almost straight from 90-180 MPH just to get to our favorite curvy road.....about a month of that every weekend and the rear pilot is done. That's the only reason I went to a pilot road.....kept the sport in the front though.