Pegs even lower than Buell?

185 without gear.. Hmm.. Throw about 10 bowling balls in that backpack, and give it a whirl. :rofl:
Well i put a set of them on a friend's Bking, and he is 240ish, and they have not broke yet!
185 without gear.. Hmm.. Throw about 10 bowling balls in that backpack, and give it a whirl. :rofl:

I hear ya, and all I can vouch for is my experience with them. They still feel like a very solid piece and I think they would be fine for your application. The ability to rotate them in two different directions is what sold me on trying them out.
Is there any way to prove that they will be lower than the Buell pegs? I'd hate to throw that kind of money out there for the same results...
Add some height to your seat Bots, it's really easy to do.
I traded the Busa for a B-King as you well know, because of a back injury. I needed the seat to be higher/pegs to be lower even after I changed the bars. Just get some foam, or an old pillow or towel. Put it on top of your seat at the thickness you think you need. Go for a cruise and see if it's the improvement you're looking for. That way you'll know how much to build the seat up, or be thinking of how much to sell the Busa for.
If you go any lower with the pegs you're gonna get in trouble. You'll go around a curve you're used to and the peg will hang the road. Not terrible on a stock height peg, but after they get low enough it's going to start becoming a problem.
Good luck...and I won't even post any B-kings for ya.
I did sit on a Concourse recently too and found it very comfortable.
I replaced my pegs with some Cycle Pirates pegs that lowered them as low as they can go.
and had my seat foam increased by 2 1/2". Those pegs hold me at 310 pounds bouncing up and down on them. I get a few comments on the seat, but I can't see it sitting on it, and if you can't get to the pegs correctly, it's not a safe way to ride. My left knee has it's days.
I bought a set off Ebay by Knight Design, they fit the Buell XB12 but are 1" lower than the stock Buell pegs. So it made a HUGE difference on my Gen1 Busa. I have a turbo with a dump pipe so the exhaust wasn't an issue in my case. The pegs would probably not clear on a bike with factory exhaust.

How did this affects your brake pedal and shifter? I have aftermarket exhaust so what is the distance between the bottom of the bracket and the bottom of the peg? Do you have any pics with these on your bike?

Even thou I have bought some buell pegs,I am going to research these. The capabilities could be sweet. Ride to the track in low position,crack open the hump,grab a wrench and raise for your track day/day in the twisties. Even for touring,the abilty to move ones feet occasionally,even slightly,could ease rider fatigue.


I can't find these? :poke: Where are you finding/shopping them? :beerchug:
I noticed my hayabusa oem gel seat sits a bit taller than stock which in turn, gave me a pinch more legroom with my buell pegs.