Patriot Guard

Not sure if its just around here, (oklahoma area) or everwere but has anyone else participated in patriot guard. I recently made a ride with thim for a fallen soldier in Enid, OK. The whole experiece was amazing. I was the only sportbike in the ride but, received a warm welcome from the harley riders.


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Ive heard of it but have never seen it out here, I do belive one of our other members have been on one of the " rides " .


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I signed up but the rides are always quite a distance away... One day I will go out and make the trip. Seems like a great group.


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I have contacted them here in AL and they seem to be a great bunch. I was concerned about being on a sportbike and the reception I might get but they put me at ease about it. So, if one happens in my general area again and I can get away from work I will be there with them!

I was active duty AF from Jun 1990 - Jul 1999

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ridden with them, for a local fallen soldier here in southern maryland, escorted CPL Wallace to his resting place in Arlington Cemetary.


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The Patriot riders in our area (Utah) are going to a funeral tomorrow for a soldier who died in our neighborhood. Some a$$hole minister from Kansas is coming to protest along with other people.
(DaCol. @ Sep. 07 2006,15:07) They are real active here in Oklahoma ! Lots of guys are members here in Ponca City
The guys i rode with are from ponca, most of them are three sands abate members. They are going on a ride tomorrow to winfield kansas i believe, not going to be able to make this one though.

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