paint the exhaust cover


Beautiful good day !
Has anyone of you ever tried to paint the stainless steel exhaust cover?
How hot can the cover get?
Amazon sells spray film that can withstand up to 120 degrees Celsius, do you think that's enough, or does the cover get hotter?
I put a black plastic kit over the cover just to test it and it doesn't look that bad.
I'm looking forward to your answers, greetings from Vienna, edi

Alot of the high temperature paint will burn off, regardless what it says.
Other than ceramic coat, your best bet for black is grill and stove pipe paint.
Even then though, there's no guarantee.
The gen3 mufflers also have catalists in them as well, so they get hotter than most mufflers.
Powder coat will melt and discolor. My dad took his chrome to be ceramic coated, but they powder coated majority of the exhaust parts...just a bunch of fumes on the first ride.