Yoshi exhaust and keep the original "blunderbuss" exhaust covers


Hi All you bking stock exhaust haters out there.
I love the stock covers. But I also don't like my bike sounding like a suped up sewing machine. So my dad(who also owns silver/black bking and 08 busa) gets me the yoshi stainless exhaust with the carbon fiber tips and he makes it fit.
He tells me all you have to do is cut the carbon fiber tips off (use a pair of side cutters).You will have to pull the exhaust back from the main pipe a little bit (1 inch) and it will fit perfectly into the stock covers.
You get the best of both worlds. It can be done! You don't need any special tools or parts.
If you guys want pics of the covers taken off let me know. Also, the Fender eliminator was purchased from rumble-import, I like it myself.Thanks pop!

Bking 06-06-2009 exhaust and fender eliminator 002.jpg

Bking 06-06-2009 exhaust and fender eliminator 004.jpg

Bking 06-06-2009 exhaust and fender eliminator 005.jpg
Ain't that the truth! Where there's a will there's a way right? My pop gets all the credit. I just bought the system.
I saw some of your work GPW. You are one sick individual. ::11
Keep up the good work!!:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:
Thanks guy, appreciate your sharing, I am going to buy Yoshimura as follows: YOSHIMURA TRC DUAL SS EXHAUST B-KING 08 09 BKING SUZUKI 2008 2009 STAINLESS W CARBON CAP SILP ON 1135275 for my B King.

1/ Please help to advise is it the right one? And also, please help to send me any photo you have regarding your father's installation of the above (leanhngoc34@yahoo.com).
2/ How about the sound of this exhaust? Can you please share with us? Thanks
3/ I'm the sound is not "strong" enough, I may take out the silenceners but not sure it would fit?
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Hi smithda794, can I please have a bit more detail on fitting the Yoshi's, the removal of the endcaps please, I want to do this mod on my bike.
Thanks in advance.
So I read this twice and it appears that you butchered your Yoshi cans (including the CF end caps) so they would fit into the stock exhaust covers? ???
Ok, to each his own man. Can we see the bike?
Hi fallenarch, i think i didnt butcher the Yoshi's, it was just a cosmetic mode on removal of the endcaps and viola. It fits perfectly. Looks Standard, sounds Brutale.
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Just pulling your chain buddy. I liked the B-King also from day one. You have to click on the "Go Advanced" button to the right of the "Post Quick Reply" button. Then scroll down to the bottom and there is a manage attachments button. Once you select an image in the browser be sure to hit the upload button. That should do it.

I wanted to buy a B-King and do this to it!