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Hey everyone, long time no talk.  Quick question I am thinking of updating my paint scheme on my 2001 busa.  I am interested in the 2003 pumpking color, we do not have this color avail in Canada, so what I am  wondering is if anyone out there could get your bike paint scanned at a  dupont paint retailer ie Napa.  The reason being I manage a automotive Napa store and I can mix dupont paint but I need a piece of the bike to scan it , but if someone else could do it and send me a copy of the formula I would be laughing.
Unfortunatly the paint codes on the bike really don't mean sh#t, and unless I have a  piece scanned no one can help me.
Please email me if anyone can help me ,
thanks brew.
i dont know if this will help but go to

they have all the factory colors there u can buy
Hey brixxer, they don't have any '03 busa info on their site. I think the paint codes are available if you call them by phone, though. Still, he can't mix Dupont from the code. Evidently Dupont doesn't have a formula for it.

Yo brew, if I had that color I'd run by the automotive paint store where I used to work and scan it for ya. Mine is silver/grey though so I ain't much help either. Maybe someone with a pumpkin '03 will drop by a Dupont paint store and let them scan you a match.

Lazerblade, you out there, man? :super:
If he works for a Dupont jobber and plans to mix Dupont paint you'll need to have it scanned using a Dupont Chromavision system. You could call yer local NAPA and see if they sell Dupont and if they have a scanner. If not maybe another local paint store does. :cool: