damaged panel?


Hi Y'all, I have posted this before without a lot of success. What I am needing is a paint formula in Dupont for the anniversary orange color. Since I am in Canada and they don't offer the color here I am having trouble getting it. What I need is to get the color scanned at your local Napa store or even better if anyone has a damaged panel and could cut me a piece out the size of a pack of smokes that would be awesome. I have tried color-rite with no luck also.
What i want to do over the winter (yes it is cold here) is paint my extra panels I have purchased for my 2001 busa with the orange and do a flame job on it.
Any help would be appreciated, and I am not looking for a freebie, if it costs me a couple bucks that is fine.
thanks for your time
If I had a part with that color on it I'd hook you up tomorrow with a formula. Don't have it, though. The thing is, I worked with Dupont's Chromavision system for a while and if it isn't originally a Dupont color you're scanning, the scanner sometimes does VERY poorly matching it. Just a heads up in case you haven't had this happen to you before.

Good luck this time. I remember your other requests. I thought someone was going to hook you up...
yo brew, i have on 03 anniversary busa and im in the process of replacing the right fairing and the tail section (horrible trailer accident) the problem im having is finding the replacment fairing for it the dealer keeps on giving me the run around and want to slap the s#!t out of him but anyways whenever i do get the parts i will cut out a small section out for ya
P.s. when i was in daytona a plymoth prowler pulled up next to me with the fattest orange paint job ive ever seen put my poop to shame you might want to hit your local chrysler dealer up for the code on that you will not be dissapointed trust me