04 limited red paint question ???


What do I use to touch up my 04 limited red paint? No one makes a touch up paint for this color. Has anyone found a close match in an automotive touch up paint, if so what is the code or year/model/color? I tried colorrite and it's not even close to being the right color. Maybe I'll have to go the decal route.
Paint Color Name
Used on Models Code
Pearl Deep Blue #2
Silver/Blue Two-Tone YBA
Metallic Sonic Silver
Silver/Blue Two-Tone YD8
Pearl Nebular Black
Black/Purple Two-Tone YAY
Plum Purple Metallic
Black/Purple Two-Tone YAT
Pearl Crystal Red
Limited Edition YU7
Space Black
Wheel Color 019
Same Red that is used on the 05 Red/Black models if that helps.
You can get your touch up paint here Paint Search :: Color Results - ColorRite Your welcome :whistle:
yep colorite is the place

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Suzuki YU7 Pearl Crystal Red
SKU # : 4655
Vendor : ColorRite
Manufacturer : Suzuki
Manufacturer Code : YU7
Requires Base #1655 Paint Applications
Touch-up Pen +$15.95
daft as it may sound , i got a mate who went through his wifes nail varnish collection ( witch can be bigger than most paint stores) & found a spot on match for his red triumph :laugh:
I've tried colorrite allready and it was a waste of money. I could do a better match with my eyes closed. I'm thinking of just bringing the rear seat hump cover into the auto store and trying to match it up at the touch up paint rack. I thought I'd run the question by everyone first to save me some time.
you can also try an online company called paintscratch.com it could (very unlikely but could be) be a rare three stage/ tri coat red.