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I am going to try and paint my stock mirrors to match my bike. I have the pearl blue vigor paint from color rite already. How would I need to prep the mirrors for paint? Would I need a different color basecoat so the color matches right? I don't have much paint experience, so any help would really be appreciated. Thanks. If this doesn't work out right, I am ripping the mirrors off for good.
Brendap will chime in with advice. He did mine.



ok, I'm here! Where did you buy the paint from? If it is color rite, is it a spraycan? The spraycan works really good. But you will need to put some adhesion promoter on first, before spraying the color. Then you will need to clearcoat the paint.
If you really need any help, just PM me!
Don't try to "skimp out" on things, or your mirrors will look like sh!t!
I bought the paint from color-rite in the spray can. I also have a clear promoter and clear coat also bought from color-rite. The promoter though was bought from home depot, but worked well fro the last thing I painted. I hope its not hard to dismantle the mirrors. I may end up PM ing you if I run into any problems. Im hoping to start the project in a couple days. Thank you for your help.
Not sure what you are talking about with dismantling the mirrors? 2 bolts to take it off the bike.
If you are talking about removing the glass and mirror arm, forget it. mask the glass off, and the mirror arm.
Do not paint the knuckle where the mirror body swivels! mask that off. You can see it in Johns picture. If you really want nice, you can sand the mold lines out for a nice smoothe look! Make sure that you dont have any scratches in the plastic before paint. You can scuff them up with a wet scotchbrite pad.
Clean them with some good grade laquer thinner prior to spraying. Use a tackcloth on them prior to paint.
what brand do you use for the clear coat and the adhesion promotor? and can you get it at a home depot or lowes?
Yes, bulldog works great! You dont need primer unless you are going to fill scratches. If your mirrors are in good shape, you can clean them with the thinner. Tack cloth, bulldog, paint (color) clear.  

I believe you want 2-3 coats of the bulldog.
A tip on spraying color and clear.
Do not try to get full coverage on the 1st coat! Meaning 1st coat can be dusted on. NOT A WET COAT! Also, paint all your edges first, then paint the rest of the mirror body. Give yourself 10-15 minutes in between coats. Enough for the paint to "flash off"
Your clear is what protects the paint. You dont need a ton of coats of paint! Once the mirror has full coverage, you are done with the color.
Usually 3 coats will do it. 1 dusting, 2 med wet coats.

I use 4-5 coats of clear.
Again, dust your first coat on. Dont try to burry the clear on the 1st 2 coats.
Any problems, hit me up

Do not paint in cold weather 70-80 deg is ideal

sounds great Brendanp...
im puttn in some gsx-r mirrors and painting them my inner panels and my rotors and calipers with the sonoma red color from color rite
hope it comes out good thanxs for the tips!!!
ok, for the inners you may want to use a primer. Alex can help you with the inners. He just did his, and he is also a guy who knows how to paint!
On the mirrors I used SEM 39133 flexible primer and Color Rite Spray paint.  Follow Brendan prep and you should be good to go.
beerchug.gif that I think about it I used the primer mainly for the inners...used the same one on the mirrors. Dont really need flexible on the mirrors.
primer the inners 1st and follow ur steps?
sounds good
post up my pics as soon as shes all back together just in time for summer