Our last run of the year with pics

Well the snow has been getting close to hitting the ground here in Anchorage so ELmendorf AFB issued out a warring that no one was to ride a motorcycle on the installation after Octpber 1.  So our group who mostly live on the base descided to make our last run of the year up to Hatchers Pass.  
It was a 2 hour trip up there and back, and the wife decied to go since it was the last time out for the year.  We left here about 1pm with sunny skies and it was about 48 degrees outside.  So we are all about 10 mins away from the top of the mountain when one takes a spill.  Long story short we waited three hours there for a friend to bring a truck from the base to load the bike.  The sun was down by the time we got the bike in the truck and droped to a chilly 31 degrees outside.  We all froze on the way home and got back here 9pm.  What a way to end the year.  Heres some pics.




Sorry about that the rider was okay other than a few scrapes. The rider is the guy in the red sweatshirt in the third pic.

As faw as what caused the crash, he said he drifted off to the side of the road, caught some gravel, and kinda low sided it. No one really knows cuz everyone was spread out on the turns. When we found the bike it was in the trees, and he was laying on the rocks next to it. We were just happy he was walking and talking.

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