ordering exhaust this week

HP Junkie

okay, im ready to start giving the bird more power and it seems to me this is my first of many upgrades. im starting with the pipes i want to order hmf big bird low mount carbons ,now do i need to ask about mapping or do i buy a powercommander or yosh ems? also does the powercommander install have to be done by the dealer.( bear with me this is my first fi bike im used to a pipe and jet kit.) im also planning some engine mods over the winter but right now shes stock will she run ok with the big bird exhuast? any advice would be helpful.

In my experiences I installed the Akra bolt on's and still have not remapped the computer. The bike runs very well but I think it still could do better with a custom tuned box. You will not be able to just install the PC or Yosh box and have it fix the issues that you may have, and another thing you may be happy with the way it runs without installing the box. Everyone has there own opinions on which is better the PC or the Yosh or the Teka SFI. All I can say is do your research and decide on the one that best suites your tastes. Before, I did not prefer the PC but now I am thinking that it might not be too bad since I have a Certified PC tuning center within a couple of hours from home, I have not found someone that tunes the Yosh box yet. These are just my opinions I hope they will give you a little more info on which way to look.
PC3R, Yosh EMS ( almost identical)or the TEKA (no timing adjustment)which ever one you really need to get to a good turner with a load control dyno and a sniffer.
someone could send you a map to get close but a custom is better.
jc, i definatly want to dyno the bike and have it mapped proper but until then then i want to put the exhaust on and run her shell be ok right maybe a little weak wdythink?