Onedownfiveup mod


And also does it work?  I have an '02 blue/black busa and had seen this mod in the mod section.  I was wondering if it works in smoothing out the lower gears.  I really don't care if it derestricts it since I don't have that many ops to see the limit on her.  I'm mostly interested in smoothing out and getting more potential out of 1st and 2nd.
I did this and yes it works. Except I used the 6.8kohm resistor. So now it thinks that it is in 5th gear. It does work, I turn it off and it won't red line. Then I activate it and it will hit the rev limiter. I also did this on my gix750 (hard wired it in) and it works on it also.
Not sure exactly what your talking about. Can you give some specifics?
It's a mod that was posted in the mod section about a switchable TRE. Involves a 15k resistor and such. My Radio Shack here doesn't have a 15k so I was also wondering if a smaller resistor would work. So as for specifics it is a 15k resistor on a switch so that you can put it back to normal mode at any given time, or just hard wire it in. I was just wondering if it would smooth out the lower gears a little and give me use of all the power down there.



Man all this stuff confuses me. Does it work or not on a 2002 busa. Most of you say to use a 6.8k resistor. This deal says to use a 15K so ecu thinks that its in sixth gear when it is on. So if it thinks that it is in sixth gear I can see how that will kill the timing retard in lower gears but it wont remove the top RPM limit will it?
I want it all. All the power in the low gears and WARP factor 10 in high.
Come on cant I make this thing faster???
Looks like you got it covered...........
I thought you might have been talking about the gearbox mod for GP bikes. Thank God thats not the case, Ks....
That is why I used the 6.8ohm, now it thinks that it is in 5th gear. No top speed govenor, and it eliminates the timing retard in the low gears.