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I changed the oil in the busa today and went for a scoot afterwards. I went down to the HMB airport and back. On the way down I saw a cool old Ducati in Moss Beach. The guy looked like he couldn't get it started, I was going to pull in but noticed that there were other people with him, so I went on. On the way back he pulled out about 8 cars up from me then pulled over, I wondered if it stalled or something. It was then that I noticed the car that pulled out a couple cars behind him. A guy was standing out the top of the moonroof and filming the Ducati. I followed them across Devils Slide (very tempted to blip them) and into the Linda Mar parking lot. It turns out they are filming for a Discovery show special on the Ducati. Very cool, they asked me to stay and talk about the bikes for a few minutes and they asked me about the Busa... We talked back and forth w/ the interviewer and the Ducati owner for about 20 minutes then I had to go and they filmed me riding off...
I may even make it through the editing.
It's your 15 minutes!
We can all say "ah, yes, we remember when he was just some guy posting on the board..."

After talking to you, they might change the show to cover the Busa! Ducati what?

Not sure and they did not say when it will air...

No, I did not sign anything...

Here are the pictures that I had the gal doing the interview take w/ the digital Camera I had w/ me.
Maybe someone will recognize the guy, he lives in SF.
i can make out........... a................. r.v. ...................... at a strip mall....................

thats it.