OK...need a list one more time.

and just in case, I still have parts if anyone's in need:

Right handlebar assy (not the stocker, it's a different assy) - can send pics if you like

<s>undertray - stock, cut underneath the license.</s> - gone

undertray - hacked to death for an undertail, the one with the metal end. I can post pics

rear amber turn sigs (2 pair)

amber front turn sigs (1 pair)

tail light (I think I have the bracket too)

<s>stock exhaust cans</s>  - gone

<s>stock rear sprocket</s>  - gone

2 passenger pegs (just the pegs, not the whole assy)

1 pair of frame sliders (resin, black) w/ bolts. I hacked the spacers because I put it on wrong, but it'll do it's job if you put the end that I hacked off back on, (which I still have)

a carbon fiber-look tank bra

I think a gas tank bracket (gotta check, but I'm pretty sure)

roughed-up bar ends (good for chroming or repainting)

<s>Forks</s>  - gone

<s>Swingarm</s> - gone.

<s>Cush drive rubbers</s>  -  gone

2 clear Shoei CX-11 (I think that's the model number) shields

1 clear Icon Shield (from a Mainframe style helmet)[/QUOTE]

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Anyone have a undertail or speed-o-healer?
I have stock screen, dog bones and a pair of motoboss gloves sz large if anyone needs em.
I'm all tapped out on undertails/undertrays. No speedo healer either, sorry.

Still need these, if anyone's got 'em.

front stand

rear stand

rear brake pads

spark plugs

block-off plates

bar ends
Do you need that Competition werke undertail?
Metal shiny thingy? I`d love to take it from you.

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I never recieved what I asked for (not from you ). But I sent out what I said I would .
Nope all you had was the rear pegs . I need the brackets. Thanks anyway Pac!