oil leaker, would like ti fix


I have a few questions about my Turbo Hayabusa and thought that I would go strit to the source. I have a 1999 with a Hahn turbo kit. The problem is where the oil return line goes into the oil pan I have a leak. Before I pull the NPT fitting out of it I thought that I would ask everybody what they have done in the past with the oil return line. Is the a thread sealer everybody is using or are we welding a bung to the oil pan to tap. I'm sure the problem is the fact that the thin oil pan simply doesn't have the proper thickness to tap properly. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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I recently installed a hahn on my 03 and had some minor fuel leaks, and later on an oil leak at the same fitting in the pan, I fixed the leak with teflon tape and a light coat of gasket sealer on the threads. fuel leak was fixed with teflon tape. hope this helps, busacharged.