Oil consumption


I have 8300km (5150miles) on my 2002 Busa and i noticed that every 1000km i have to add about 100ml of oil.
Is that normal or it means that i will have troubles?
I use Bel Ray EXS 10-50 Fully Synthetic,an oil that used for my last bike too, which was the CBR 1100XX and never had this problem.
Hello LefterisT,

The non-metric amount would be about a 9th of a quart or about 3.3 ounces every 600 miles. That is not quite half of a cup. Not very much?

Mine doesn't burn much at all. I don't refill between oil changes every 4000. It may get low but not below the minimum mark. So I really can't comment if yours is unusually high oil consumption.

Our engines don't use steel or iron sleeves for the cylinder walls. They are aluminum with special coatings to toughen them up. Perhaps the synthetic oil is not letting the oil rings seat into the coating? Try a quality mineral based oil next oil change and see if the consumption reduces over time (as the rings seat).

Good luck!