Offcially finished with maintenance and mods...


Knew I had until next week for our yearly trip to the gap, and finally got the rear wheel back on the bike. I completed several routine maintenance items and a couple mods. Let's just say I've gotten to know the bike pretty well. No, I didn't install a turbo or check the valve clearance, but I did complete some items that were necessary.

Here is a list of items that were completed:

In the fall
-Replacement mirrors and added mirror extenders
-Repainted side fairings
-Replacement stator cover
-Replacement clutch lever
-Recharged/oiled air filter
-replacement hi beam bulb

In the winter
-Replacement shifter spring
-Replacement shifter gasket
-Radiator flush and fill
-Oil filter/oil change
-2nd power outlet
-Trunk mod
-Replacement rear turn signals
-Replacement license plate bulb
-Replacement wind screen
-Replacement Cush drive rubbers
-New rear tire
-Chain lube/adjustment
-Horn upgrade
-Replacement push pins
-Adjusted headlights

The only items not completed by me was the painting for the fairings (dropped off for a local paint guy) and the actual tire change from the wheel (took them the wheel and they changed the tire). I'm by no means a grease monkey, but I've gotten a little bit more proficient at turning a wrench. Everything that was on my to-do list is now complete. Will probably replace the pads sometime this summer, but I'm in pretty good shape right now. Just ready to get out and do some riding!


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:rofl: good job brother. Still have front brakes to do on mine. Maybe Sunday. Weather is suppose to be nice Saturday :whistle:

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