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I noticed in one of the other threads that there's a handfull of scuba divers on this board.

My wife and I just returned from the most fantastic dive trip to Bonaire. (For you non-divers, it's about 50 miles off the coast of Venezuela)

Of all the things we saw, (sea turtles, sea horses, eels, dolphins, squid, flying fish, etc....) the COOLEST thing was to dive to Bonaire's only wreck, the Hilma Hooker.

This wreck is a 230 ft long steel ship laying on it's starboard side in about 100 feet of water at 110 degree list. This image is the wheel house amidships. See the wheel there? Last Thursday morning I was hanging onto that very wheel, 89 feet below the surface, breathing through a Mares Voltrex regulator. It was COOL LIKE JANET RENO, BABY!
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