NOS systems......what is best?


I am looking to buy a Busa for spring 04, I want to put NOS on it.  Just for fun.  I don't think I'll need it much, but what the hell.  Anyone else have experience with NOS on a Busa?  Sound out what's the deal?

Go with NOS, or NX.
Dry kits are simple and pretty safe.
They cost $359 ar
You can adjust 20,30, or 40 horsepower with a stock kit.
You should use a PowerCommander, or some sort of fuel management system to tune the bike, before using the nitrous.
A dry kit comes on smoooooth!
You will enjoy it!
Are there any Head or bottom end adjustments that need to be made to accomodate the increased cylinder pressure?

No, it's designed for a stock motor.
The bigger, "wet" kits may need some other mods, but the dry kit only needs a fuel enhancement device.
Cool, I'll have a look at them. What other mods to you recommend? I'm not out to kill myself, but I want to have a ton of fun, and looking cool too wouldn't kill me either. What about Exhaust? How does NOS affect the stock exhaust?


Bout the best pipe out for making power is the HMF Big Bird or the BDE/Hindle GenIII
The BDE will cost ya about $890 with a Ti cannister.
The HMF will cost ya about $780 with aluminum can.
Bout $990 for BDE Carbon can, and bout $900 for HMF Carbon can.
Pipe will net between 10-20 HP after it's tuned with a PCII/III, or a Yosh EMS system.
Small airbox mod and a set of Yosh cams work real well together also.
In MY Opinion, the BEST Mod with nitrous is a shifter!!!
I use the Holeshot PowershifterII, with the added "barrell trigger.
An investment that you won't appreciate untill it's connected.
This thing ROCKS!
TJ & Sleeper,

Do either of you know if the stock fuel system is adequate to handle a 60 HP shot?? Also, do you have a web address for A&J Performance?

Thanks :beerchug: