NOS delay box?

Thats a good price, and yes, you can use this for delaying the activation of your dry system for dragracing. Say you want the sprary to come in at the second gear shift point, you can delay the spray activation for around 1.2 seconds. Your relay can also be used to switch maps if you have a Power commander hub. There are a couple of posts on this topic.
the schnitz i have is a 2 dial... but is progressive ,allowing you to ramp up the nitrous.
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A progressive two dial allows you to set the amount of nitrous to start spraying (instead of all at once) and how fast it goes to 100 percent.

So if you have a 50 shot, you will probably not be able to spray it in first, you have to wait until second gear. If you have a progressive, you can spray 20% of that 50 hp and bring it to 50 hp in a set amount of time
well i just bought it 50.00 for a 300 box i think is a good deal. i just don't get the progressive part of it, when you are at wot you should be getting the right amount of fuel and the right amount of nos to avoid detonation or engine problems, if you go wot and you spraying 20% of nos but 100% of fuel that wont cause any problems?
My progressive box (made by Schnitz) has two timers. Its activated by WOT, but doesn't spray for a set time. Then I use a second timer built into the box to switch fuel maps and pull timing. During activation, the progressive ramps the rate of spray, but the more usefull feature is the built in timers.

Most of the discussions about nitrous seem to center on spray bars and such. The much more difficult part of dry spray is controlling the fuel. This is why wet systems are in some way much simpler. I'm not certain that the timer you bought is going to work for you just by itself.
there is nothing wrong with the box you will do what you want it will allow you activate your nitrous at a specific time during the run
i'm goiing to need to help trying to wire this thin. i'll be using the multy-hub with the box, and i have no idea where to start.